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Important Notice to Investment Property Owners.. Business Owners.. Self Employed.. Independent Contractors
January 21, 2011

During 2010, two new reporting requirements have been added to the duties of property owners and owners of small businesses(including self employed individuals and independent contractors). Both provisions are permanet. Previously only real estate professionals engaged in property management type businesses have been required to  file Form 1099. Congress has extended the ...
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More Considerations in Choosing a Closing Date
January 19, 2011

As discussed in a previous post, How the Closing Date Affects Closing Costs for Home Buyers(pro-rated interest adjustments), there are other considerations in addition to the costs associated with the closing date of a real estate purchase when planning the closing date. Yes, convenience is important! Working around a work schedule or vacation ...
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How the Closing Date Affects Closing Costs for Home Buyers
January 14, 2011

 Understanding How the Actual Closing Date on a Home Purchase Can Affect a Buyer's Closing Costs! Yes, there is an often overlooked cost related to the mortgage in closing on a home purchase! And that is the interest rate adjustment from the day of the closing to the last day of the month. Let me clarify ...
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