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NAR: Home Ownership Matters

Home Ownership Really Does Matter…… Since its inception, Home Ownership Matters has been used by millions of current and future homeowners to learn about and take action […]

Home Investments.. Home Improvements

4 Investments Worth Making in Your First Home You’ve just bought your first home – congratulations! Now it’s time to make your home feel like, well, […]

Increasing Your Home’s Value With Improvements and Upgrades

Wondering What Improvements/Upgrades Will Increase the Value of Your Home? Do all home improvements  or upgrades increase the value of a home? Will improvements and upgrades […]

Kitchen Remodeling

7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling Follow these seven strategies to get the most financial gain on your kitchen remodel. Read Visit houselogic.com for more articles […]

Energy Saving Tips for the Home

Energy Efficiency in the Home! Money Saving and Energy Saving Tips! With the high cost of energy in maintaining a home and the concern for saving […]

Cleaning Air Ducts in a Home, Is It Necessary?

PROS AND CONS OF DUCT CLEANING Have you ever wondered whether you should be having the duct work in your home cleaned?  Have you questioned this […]

Be Equipped Like a Pro: Home Toolbox Must Haves

As a Homeowner, there is nothing wrong with trying to do things yourself and saving money! Take a moment to see what your toolbox is missing! […]