One of the largest financial decisions most people make is Buying or Selling Real Estate.

Finding and selecting a REALTOR® is just one important step toward the successful completion of a Real Estate Transaction, whether your home search and purchase or sale is in Wilmington, Leland, Hampstead or any other location in North Carolina.

Other professionals will also be needed as the Real Estate Transaction progresses; such as:

  • Mortgage Financing Assistance
  • Attorney and Title Company for the preparation of documents for closing, Surveyors and NC Certified Real Estate Appraisers and Home Insurance Companies
  • Home Inspection Companies for the various property inspections required or recommended (Home Inspection, Termite Inspection, Radon Inspection, Oil Tank Testing, Well Water Testing, Septic Tank Testing, etc.)
  • Contractors, Builders, Handymen for the move and after the move in for repairs and improvements
  • Home Staging, Moving , Cleaning and Cleanout/Removal Companies
  • Home Improvement Stores, Appliance Centers and Appliance Repairs

As a service oriented REALTOR®, I am providing you with a starting point. The links below will provide the contact information of many professionals who can provide additional assistance in your Real Estate Transaction, and make your Home Buying, Home Owning or Home Selling experience a pleasurable one.
In fact, many of these professionals and companies may be very helpful to you during your entire home ownership experience!

Always feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like more assistance!