What You Can Expect From My
“Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)”
“Comprehensive Marketing Proposal”

The information in these reports contain a detailed analysis of my personalized marketing services and a thorough and market analysis of your home. I am committed to providing homeowners with all the information necessary to help them understand the real estate market, understand the home selling process, answer all their questions and concerns about selling and help them achieve their real estate goals!

When home sellers are knowledgeable, they have advantages in selling their home!  A knowledgeable homeowner is better prepared in making home pricing and home selling decisions. My job is to bring the real estate market to homeowners, and provide the guidance and understanding of the two most important aspects in selling a home, marketing and pricing.

A customized, integrated and comprehensive “Marketing Plan” creates exposure, creates buyer and agent interest and can create an open, competitive bidding situation, where owners can obtain the maximum selling rewards.

While no two homes can ever be exact, the listing and sales information contained in these reports provide a good reference source for a reliable Comparative Market Analysis”.  The Market Analysis Report provides factual information obtained from the North Carolina Regional Multiple Listing System. Your home may have special features or improvements that could substantially affect the price range in which it should be priced, and this is part of the process that will be discussed, reviewed and taken into consideration.

The Walk Through Home Analysis

Here’s what I will review in helping you find out what the “Estimated Selling Price Range” of your home is and what the recommended “Asking Price” should be.

The First Step: Together we will make a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home.

I will obtain information and make notes about the age of the home, the exterior structure and condition, style, room count and room type. We will review the home’s location, the lot size, site improvements, special features, recent repairs, improvements and amenities. I will look at the structure of the home and operating systems, including the foundation, roof, windows, heating and or cooling systems, plumbing, and electrical system, among others.

Review: Together we will review the walk through inspection. We will talk about the overall condition and the features, amenities and improvements of your home. Together we will discuss any repairs or fix-up which may be needed to enhance marketing and or increase the market value of your home. I will provide home staging advice in preparing your home for maximum marketing appeal.

Market Conditions: We will discuss current information about the local real estate market, such as market value trends, days on market, mortgage financing and current mortgage rates. I will review and explain how these market conditions may have an effect on the marketing and sale price of your home.

Market Analysis Summary: Together we will discuss and review the Market Analysis Report, taking the time to obtain your thoughts, see what your concerns are and answer any questions you may have. I will review seller closing costs and the expenses sellers may have in the sale of their home.

We will review your real estate plans and needs. With this information I can then provide my thoughts and suggestions regarding marketing time, asking price, market value and net proceeds after the sale.

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