Category: Tips for Home Buyers

Is it Only the Purchase Price of the Home?
September 29, 2020

Question: In deciding which homes are affordable, is it only the Purchase Price of the home and the Mortgage Interest Rate?  Is it possible there are other factors which have an effect on affordability? Yes, low Mortgage Interest Rates can make mortgage payments more affordable and can enable buyers to ...
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Home Buyers: New Jersey Real Estate Contract Offers, Attorney Review
February 26, 2012

Signing Real Estate Contract
 Home Buyers: Your New Jersey Real Estate Contract Offer Has Been Accepted, Attorney Review? New Jersey Real Estate Contract Offer: In New Jersey, all real estate contracts for the sale of residential real estate containing one to four dwelling units, vacant one-family lots or leases prepared by licensees for a term of one year ...
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More Mortgage Basics For Home Buyers
April 1, 2011

Know Your Limits A home buyer needs to know their financial limits. A home buyer needs to know how much of a mortgage payment they can qualify for based on their income, but more importantly, they need to also know how much they are willing to pay per month in a ...
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Mortgage Basics for First Time Home Buyers
March 13, 2011

Whether looking to buy a home in Iselin, New Jersey,  in Colonia, in Edison, in Middlesex County or any other State, a home buyer needs to understand mortgage loans, mortgage qualifying, mortgage payment affordabilty and the mortgage application process. The reason for this is very basic: most all buyers need ...
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The Pre Closing Inspection for a Home Purchase
February 14, 2011

Pre Closing Inspection
A Pre Closing Inspection For a Home Purchase Should Not Be a Quick Walk Through! The buyer takes s and assumes ownership of the home at the closing. The pre closing inspection is the opportunity for the buyer to inspect the home being purchased prior to closing and owning the home!  It is a provision ...
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