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How Buyers Can Save Money on Real Estate Closing Costs
August 7, 2011

Real estate closing papers
Yes, There Are Ways a Home Buyer Can Save Money on Real Estate Closing Costs in a Home Purchase! Real estate closing costs are an important financial consideration when purchasing a home and in the home buying process. A home buyer needs to be financially prepared for expenses during the real estate transaction and at ...
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More Considerations in Choosing a Closing Date
January 19, 2011

As discussed in a previous post, How the Closing Date Affects Closing Costs for Home Buyers(pro-rated interest adjustments), there are other considerations in addition to the costs associated with the closing date of a real estate purchase when planning the closing date. Yes, convenience is important! Working around a work schedule or vacation ...
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How the Closing Date Affects Closing Costs for Home Buyers
January 14, 2011

 Understanding How the Actual Closing Date on a Home Purchase Can Affect a Buyer's Closing Costs! Yes, there is an often overlooked cost related to the mortgage in closing on a home purchase! And that is the interest rate adjustment from the day of the closing to the last day of the month. Let me clarify ...
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Real Estate Values: A Buy Now Scenario For Home Buyers: Favorable Home Prices
July 26, 2010

Why is the current real estate market a buy now scenario for home buyers? Two important reasons: Mortgage Interest Rates and Favorable Home Prices!    * Mortgage Interest Rates: Take a look at the 5 Year History of Average Mortgage Interest Rates! (Discussed in previous Blog post)    * Favorable Home Prices: So ...
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Summer Time and Your Deck
June 16, 2010

Whether you already have a deck, would like to upgrade your current one or are planning to add one, take a moment and read a few of these helpful articles. Wondering where to look for a contractor or who to hire? A recommendation: contact your REALTOR first. It is very possible ...
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What are the Benefits in Obtaining a CMA?
March 21, 2010

CMA: Comparative Market Analysis Simply worded, it is a real estate agent's opinion of market value of real estate as detailed by recent sales of similar properties. It is not a written real estate appraisal. Homeowners should stay in touch with the real estate market and continually be aware of the current ...
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Valuable Home Ownership Website Information
January 5, 2010

A Realtor Website should be more than "just homes for sale"! And I have now added even more content for home owners, information which is vital to protecting, improving and maintaining one of the largest investments they have made, their home. It's all about being a more educated and a ...
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